To make it better

Application development is tough. Especially design of simple and usable applications.

In order to be alive and sustainable the application shall bring some profit –  there is no free beer unfortunately. If someone offers you something for free then it means you are giving them your soul data that will be used in myriad of ways for the benefit of that “free beer company”.

I’ve created this HTML-NOTEPAD application for myself as I am writing quite a lot on Internet these days. And I am giving it for free with the hope it will be useful for others.

HTML-NOTEPAD is NOT sending any data anywhere. There are two cases for it to make a connection outside of your computer a) when you insert external resource in your document and b) when you click on “Check version” button.

While HTML-NOTEPAD suits my needs, for you it may lack some features or show bugs in some functions. That means some additional development is required.

So please use the button above to help and motivate further development of HTML-NOTEPAD.

While donating you can provide list of features you would like to see in the application.

Thanks in advance!

If you have better idea of how to help HTML-NOTEPAD development – please contact me.

As an example: HTML-NOTEPAD can be branded/extended to suit better needs of your company, etc.

Otherwise you can explain your wishes or problems with the application on Sciter’s forum.