This version adds Markdown (GitHub flavor) support – editing and viewing.

This is an initial implementation – pretty basic. I am sure I’ve missed something – we will see.

For anyone interested:

HTML DOM to Markdown convertor code is here.

And Markdown to HTML is here . Implementation is based on generators that I’ve found quite useful for markdown parsing.


This version adds initial support of Markdown document representation.

Button “Markdown” shows current document in Markdown form. Markdown source can be copy-pasted into any Web page that accepts Markdown, GitHub for example.


This version fixes three issues:

  1. Linux – transparent background of side panels of main window.
  2. Linux – wrong screen resolution used on some systems.
  3. MacOS – “YES file” created on initial load.


There are three ways of doing "line feed" in HTML-NOTEPAD:

ENTER – breaks current block into two similar ones:


ENTER in position marked by | will lead to two paragraphs:


CTRL+ENTER – creates sub-paragraph in non-paragraphs: <li>, <td>, etc.


CTRL+ENTER in that position will lead to:


SHIFT+ENTER — will just insert <br> — soft line break.

And just in case, this is how this post was created: